The Importance of Water for our Skin Care

You already know that consuming enough water daily is one of the top beauty tips for skin care out there. You’ve probably heard that you flush out daily toxins, get a glowy complexion, and it will keep your skin clear from unsightly pimples and scars. Amazing beauty tips right? 

Not quite.

The main function of your skin other than sensation is to regulate body water levels and prevent water loss into the environment -- the main reason why drinking water is the holy mecca for all beauty tips. Your skin is about 30% water, so when you are drinking enough, you are allowing your body to maintain optimal water levels for proper function, which keeps you hydrated. This translates into improved elasticity and plumpness of your skin, which gives you a more youthful look.

Beauty tips about drinking more water, often do not emphasize the importance of drinking the correct amounts. We tend to stay busy as well as engaging in exercising and physical activities daily so increasing water intake is an important for better looking skin. The number we recommend you aim for is half your body weight in oz. -- more than the recommended 8-10 glasses. You often lose more water daily than you think. More is always better!

Beauty tips often fail to mention that an increased water intake also increases the thickness of your skin. This gives you the appearance of having younger and plump looking skin. As you become older your skin becomes thinner, making it more susceptible to wrinkles. Having thicker skin improves your hydration which is turn improves the skin barrier function that can maximize the natural beauty of your skin. Beauty tips often reveal that some people may experience a beautiful glow and a less dull appearance of the skin. This is because the skin will appear to be much more moisturized – the top benefit of water used in beauty tips.

Lastly, the type of water you drink is key and isn’t emphasized in beauty tips. Studies show that drinking water with minerals rather than just tap water will result in thicker skin, and will keep your skin in the optimal PH range.[2] It is important to keep your skin in an optimal PH range so that you can stay away from the effects of inflammation, acne, wrinkles, and sensitivity -- resulting in beautiful skin.

Drinking water daily is still at the top for skin care beauty tips for skin in our books, but it's important to go a bit deeper than just chugging your 8 glasses and calling it a day. There is actually no published scientific study to support that water adequately flushes toxins, gives glowy complexions, or keeps your skin clear. [1] Sadly, everything we’ve heard about what water does for our skin, can only be taken on a case-by-case basis. Water seems to have greater benefits for optimal vitality and overall health than our skin alone, but we are not knocking all beauty tips – a win-win for everyone.