The Benefits of Using a Sunless Tanner

Suntans always make skin look sexier with a vibrant glow. Unfortunately, the traditional way of getting one by spending hours in the sun can cause damage deep down in your skin, leading to visible signs of premature aging and put you at a higher risk for skin cancer. Thankfully, you can get a gorgeous glow by using a self tanner that keeps you out of the way of harmful rays while giving you that sun-kissed look you love.

Here’s why you should switch to using a sunless tanner!

1. It’s so much safer
Why spend hours in the sun baking (and sweating!) away or hunkered down in a tanning bed when you can slather on self tanner to achieve the same beautiful tanned look? You’ll avoid exposure to UVA and UVB rays and still have the same stunning results.

2. It stops premature aging
Sunless tanners are filled with skin nourishing ingredients that not only give you the glow you want effortlessly but they also soothe and smooth skin with hydrating elements and antioxidants that keep skin from looking tired and burnt out from too much sun.

3. It tans you faster
Big date tonight? You can be ready anytime with a bright and fresh glow by using sunless tanner!

4. You can control the deepness of your tan
For anyone that has ever overdone it in the sun or at the tanning salon by mistake, sunless tanner solves that problem. You can control the depth of your tan with self tanner. Go for a light, sun-kissed look or get that deep summertime tan. You have the power to make it your own.