Best Acai Bowl Recipe to Make at Home

Acai bowls are one of the most popular "health trends" right now and we are obsessed with them! They taste as good, if not better then they look. While Acai bowls are available in many juice bars and heath food places, you can also make them easily at home. Acai berries are the fruits of acai palm trees, which are mostly grown in Brazil’s Amazon rain forest. Acari berries are know as Brazilian superfood. Packed with nutrients and antioxidents this is a great  treat any time of day. Not only is this superfood incredibly good for you, but it’s also delicious. One of the most popular ways to eat these berries is in an acai bowl. Acai are bitter but when blended with fruit they taste amazing. An acai bowl is basically a smoothie in a bowl with toppings. For best results, use a high-powered blender like a Vitamix; as the acai bowl base is thicker than a smoothie, blenders with lower horsepower may have trouble processing it.

1 cup almond milk

1 Sambazon Acai smoothie pack (sold in freezer section at Whole Foods)

1 tablespoon raw Honey

½ banana

1/2 cup blueberries

7 frozen mango chunks

*frozen pineapple chunks, frozen strawberries, frozen papaya of other frozen fruit can be added or substituted for variation.

Sliced Banana, Sliced Strawberries, Blueberries, Shredded Coconut, Bee Pollen, Chocolate Chips, Agave Syrup, Granola, Almonds

-Run Acai pack under warm water and break into chunk.
-Add all ingredients, in the order listed, into a blender.
-Blend until smooth. Consistency should be thicker than a smoothie, but thinner and ice cream. Top with some or all of the toppings of your choice.